In 5 languages with students from 96 countries 

Learn coaching easily and with pleasure

Get certificates under the standards of International Coaching Federation (ICF) - the largest international coaching federation with the headquarter in the USA. 
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Обучение коучингу в университете

About international coaching

Under the standards of International Coaching Federation (ICF) – the world’s largest coaching federation

Focus on result and awareness development 

Yes, translation of the word “coaching” means “training”, though there is no advice or leading questions in coaching, but training is manifested in practicing awareness while reaching personal or business goals. 

A new profession and an effective communication skill 

Development of coaching competencies raises communication effectiveness and partnership level with relatives and business partners considerably, strengthens leadership and personal growth as well as gives a new profession.

There are no tools at all, only 8 competencies 

Using any tool means judgment since evaluation is necessary to choose an appropriate tool as well as pattern since there is a certain sequence.   

Students from 96 countries of the world are with us 

We teach in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Italian and Georgian, but since 24th February we’ve stopped enrolling and teaching students sponsoring the war in Ukraine by the way of paying any taxes in russia and belarus. 
География студентов обучающихся коучингу

We invite our graduates to projects 

We teach in such a way so that we could arrange coaching projects for companies and sell coaching services

We’ve created for selling coaching
to companies 

In April 2019 we just started coaching trainings in order to scale business on selling coaching services for companies. We were growing and as a result we’ve started company

We’ve completed 25commercial projects and more than 100 volunteer ones 

By inviting our graduates, we managed to provide coaching services for more than 25 companies on a paid basis and for more than 100 ones within a volunteer project. 
Коучинговый проект для Comfy
Проектній коучинг для компании АЛЛО
Обучение коучингу руководителей Золотого Века
Волонтерский коучинговый проект для ЕВА
Командный коучинг для Global Bilgi
Коучинговая поддержка IT CLUB
Командный коучинг для Альфа Страхование
Коучинговая поддержка для руководителей Lavla
Командный коучинг для Agrii
Волонтерский коучинговый проект для GEBERIT
Для Media Development коучинговая поддержка и обучение
Коучинг для сети салонов OH MY LOOK
Проектній коучинг для компании ТехноТоп
Коучинговая поддержка ключевых сотрудников PHOTOROOM
Индивидуальный коучинг для резидентов Digital Dolina
Поддержка руководителей и обучение коучингу Innoware
Для WoodБуd командній коучинг
coaches with international qualification ICF speak Russian worldwide, and there are 28 357 in total (see here) 
coaches have international qualification ACC, PCC, or MCC ICF among those who call themselves a coach on Facebook (see here) 
coaches don’t have an international qualification. Take coaching training, get international qualification and stand out of 92% of coaches.

How does training run?

We’ve trained more than 120 groups and know how to do it more effectively, but we keep improving our approaches