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What's next?

Subscribe to the Telegram messenger group. You will receive notifications on live online Zoom meetings immediately with links to them.
If you become a member of the group, at any time during the conference you can ask questions to the speakers, talk to the like-minded people, get useful information and short videos even before the beginning of the educational process.
If you signed up for the “Standard'' package and would like to upgrade to the “Optimal” one (to have access to recordings of all events and unlimited individual sessions, December 20-28), pay an extra $20 and switch to the “Optimal” package.
If you signed up for the "Minimum" package, you can upgrade to the "Optimal" one for an extra $30 and get access to all recordings and unlimited number of individual sessions (20-28 December).
Upgrade from "Minimum" to "Standard" package for only $10 and get access to recordings of all Zoom meetings and lectures. Be sure not to miss anything.
Check your personal account, there will be duplicated links to Zoom meetings.
If you have signed up for the "Standard" package or upgraded one, the recordings of the lectures will be saved in your personal profile.
And if you have signed up for the "Optimal" package, you will automatically have the right to book an unlimited number of individual sessions with our coaches (20-28 December).

Would you like to receive a refund if your circumstances have changed?

Apply for it until 12:00 PM (Kyiv time) on December 19, because after that the applications will not be processed and you will be considered as a participant of the conference.
To apply, please e-mail: tanya@coachingup.university, indicating the number of the bank card and the owner's name in Roman letters. The refund will be paid within 10 calendar days according to the exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of application.
Pay Attention!!! We do not educate students sponsoring the war in Ukraine by paying any taxes in russia and belarus. Correspondingly, we do not refund money to the russian and belarussian state banks' cards.