Anna Ammon

I am an understanding and empathic coach. I love interacting with people am also aware of how difficult life can sometimes be, so I always enjoy discovering how exactly my client plans to accomplish his/her objectives and deal with new challenges. This allows the client to be himself/herself, to trust the coach, and, as a result, to achieve the desired insights. I am a clear mirror (at least I try to be). I do not direct the client; instead, I listen closely and notice what is going on in the session, drawing the client's attention to moments that may be invisible to him/her. I believe that only the client knows how and what he needs to do to attain his objectives. This allows the client to learn more about himself, which would be impossible to learn without the assistance of a skilled coach. I am a courageous coach. If trust is developed and the client wants challenging questions, I will ask.  If I see any disagreement in what the client says, I will tell about that. At the same time, the decision of how seriously to take what I've revealed is always on the client's side - I'm not married to my hypotheses, I don't lead the client, but I think it's important to share what I've discovered.
Buy a package of 12 coaching sessions once a week for 100 days. The first coaching session is aimed at setting goals for the period of interaction.