Julia Kochyna

I'm a caring and challenging coach at the same time - I show endless support and ask sometimes uncomfortable questions which my clients might tend to avoid. This combination gives a warm environment where my client can open up and feel safe and at the same time, grow and learn.
The coach works according to the international standards of the world's largest coaching federation ICF - without techniques and tools of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). [Verified by CoachingUP]
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My main values are

My 3 main values are: 
My family - my interest in psychology and how brain works and why people behave as they do started with the wish to improve communication in my family and to be a better parent for my children. As a coach, I help my clients improve communication and relationships, among other things.
Respect to every person and nature - needless to say, it's paramount for a coach to be respectful with their clients, but not only - being respectful in life outside of coaching sessions is equally valuable, both to people and nature: reduce-reuse-recycle is not just words for me - it's the way of my life.
Constant learning - my learning journey didn't stop with finishing school, instead, I always learn something new. As a coach, I encourage learning in my clients and help them build successful strategies for learning better and faster.

Coaching for me is...

To me, coaching is a valuable development tool, a learning process in an equal partnership and in a safe environment, created for thinking with the purpose of action and improvement. It is a creative process where one can make leaps instead of trotting with small steps towards their life goals. And of course, this is the place to grow, learn about yourself and bring your life to a next level. And it just feels good, maybe not during exploration of a difficult question, but always afterwards.
If we take a metaphor to describe coaching, we can think of one being in a dark room, stumbling on things, something falling on their head. In this case coaching would be the light or a switch that switches on the light and you can see clearly what kind of room it is, the things that you stumble on, what's falling on your head and why and then make and informed decision what to do with all that: maybe clean up and use this room with a purpose?
Another metaphor of coaching is when one is standing in front of a dusty window and a coach gives a mop to wipe that dust for the client to se clearer and further. And if some parts remain dusty, a coach can pay attention to it for even broader angle of view.
You choose one of three possible subscription packages and have the opportunity to have one coaching session with each coach in the subscription package
You book a day and time to work with a coach, with the possibility to book time slots for 3 days in advance with several coaches at once

You receive a link to the Google Meet video conferencing service by e-mail, which you use to go to the selected time and take a coaching session

Coaching benefits for the client

In my opinion (as a coach and as a person).
5 Key benefits of coaching for coaching clients:
1. You become aware of your needs and wishes better.
2. You learn about yourself, which helps you take the right decisions later on.
3. You set your goals, based on your own inner needs, desires and values, instead of others'.
4. You reach your goals faster and more efficiently.
5. Your life moves to a new level, defined by you.

My experience in coaching

I sell what I use
I've grown a lot as a person, developed my communication strategies, improved my work-life balance and relationships, improved my confidence and took a leap in my career.

A quote to live by

What's important for me to keep in mind
Hitch: “Life is not the amount of breaths you take. It’s the moments that take your breath away.” - I couldn't agree more and, as a linguist, I love how this quote is worded.

My clients' cases

Of course, these are not all of them. Here are only those that I have the right to share without disclosing confidential information

CASE 1. Duration of interaction: 10 sessions

 Improve communication in an international environment with colleagues from different cultures:
A client from one cultural background found it difficult to communicate with his colleagues with other cultural backgrounds. As this communication was paramount for his future professional development, my client decided to get a coaching help to advance in his communication strategies. In the course of the coaching engagement of 10 sessions we worked on discovering his values and communication strategies and the values and communication strategies of his colleagues. As a result of our coaching engagement, my client found the way to cope with frustration, triggered by others' behaviours, develop more acceptance towards the others and find successful communication strategies in the international environment.

CASE 2. Duration of interaction: 15 sessions

Becoming a person I want to become (15 sessions)
That was a transformational journey of a person who got tangled and strangled in her life ties, feeling unhappy and lost when she came to me as my client. Her goal was to become the person she wanted to be. In the course of our work we discovered many hidden blocks which were holding her back. As a result of our work, she became more open, brave and cheerful person, got out of toxic relationships and reached some long-lasting goals, while realizing that some goals were not relevant anymore and she could finally let the burden of unactualized goals off her shoulders.

CASE 3. Duration of interaction: 1 session

Get over fear to solve a personal problem:
It was a single coaching session but we dived very deep in a powerful metaphor with elements of meditation and my client went out of the metaphor with a clear answer and direction of steps to get over fear to solve a personal problem.

Please watch the video :)

It will help you to make a more conscious approach to decision-making, as well as help you understand how to get the most out of the project and how to book time for meetings with coaches.

Андрей Некрасов, основатель CoachingUP

Андрей Некрасов, 
Master Certified Coach (MCC) ICF, основатель CoachingUP.university


Андрей Некрасов, основатель CoachingUP

Андрей Некрасов, 
Master Certified Coach (MCC) ICF, основатель CoachingUP.university

Андрей Некрасов, основатель CoachingUP

Options for working with a coach

You can choose the most suitable option for you to interact with our coaches

Subscription with the opportunity to receive 1 session from a large number of coaches

  [Understand what you want]   - to work through requests in most areas of your life, to formulate an understanding of what you want, to get insights. You will be able to see a shorter path to what you need by receiving coaching sessions from different coaches working in different styles.
  [How to determine if coaching is right for you]   Not everyone is ready to change something in their life and in themselves, to be honest with themselves and to act on their way to what they want. This is absolutely okay, because everyone has their own path.
When you like it and realize that with a coach you can live a conscious life, becoming a happier person, you can   [choose your coach]  , to work with by purchasing a package of coaching sessions.
In a pop-up window, you will see the terms of the subscription, i.e. the current number of coaches in the package and the number of coaching sessions in the program, as well as the number of days of the subscription and its cost.
Thank you for purchasing a subscription! Now you can move on to choosing a day and time to work with a coach.

A package of 12 sessions with one coach and an opportunity to move forward in 100 days

We all understand that "knowing" and "doing" are different things. Coaching interaction helps the client   [move faster]  towards internal and external positive changes, not just to understand what they want, get insight and find a shorter way.
At the first session,   [you will be able to formulate your goal for 100 days and understand what will motivate you and bring you closer to a greater life goal - what you want from life. You will understand the possible way to achieve this goal.
By meeting with a coach online systematically once a week on a set day and time, you   [will be able to move towards your goal step by step, finding new ways and gaining insights, while unleashing your potential.
The current cost of a 12-session package with this coach will be available after clicking "Buy a 12-session package". Thank you for your interest!

All the coaches are certified

Every coach is audited. Only the best ones are included in the catalog, who have been trained in coaching according to international standards by us - the largest coaching university in Europe CoachingUP - for more than 8 months

The client is protected

If something goes wrong, we take all possible measures to ensure that the client is satisfied and receives high-quality service. We will not leave you alone with the coach and the difficult situation

International standards

There are a lot of people in the world who call themselves coaches, who have not even been trained. There are few coaches who provide quality coaching services according to international standards and without NLP. We select real ones.

We are frequently asked

We have collected the questions we receive most often about the service. We hope you will find it helpful!

What if I pay for one of the subscription packages but don't use it?

Unfortunately, the money paid for the subscription is not refundable. We warn you about this at every stage of the subscription process. That's why we ask you to carefully read all the terms and conditions of interaction with a coach to make sure that there are no factors on your part that hinder coaching interaction.

What if, after paying for the subscription and going through a few sessions, I realize that I need a psychologist and I shouldn't continue working with a coach?

Our subscription service is aimed at making sure that clients try coaching interaction. This may help you understand the need to work with a psychologist.

What if I buy a package of 12 sessions, but after 5 meetings I realize that I have achieved my goal?

That's great! You can formulate a new goal for the remaining period of work with the coach, or buy a new package with this coach, setting a goal for the entire period of interaction.

The second option is that we will refund your money for the sessions you did not receive. Refunds are made within 10 days minus 8% (covering taxes and bank charges). 

What if I buy a package of 12 sessions, but during the interaction it turns out that I don't like the coach?

We recommend that you use the Subscriptions service before choosing a coach for long-term work, even before purchasing a package.

If you don't like the coach after purchasing the package, you can choose another coach of a similar level and continue working with him/her, while payment for the sessions with the coach is not refunded.