Taras Kob

I am simple in conversations, not pathetic. I am not affreid to tell something unpleasant, I give many fresh ideas and new points of view on the sittuation. I am like a generator of ideas.
The coach works according to the international standards of the world's largest coaching federation ICF - without techniques and tools of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). [Verified by CoachingUP]
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My main values are

Love, openness, unlimited possibilities.
I behave very openly in coaching and also share my failures. So this helps client be open also, he feels that I am open and not a superman but have mistakes, I am just a human like everybody else. Client noes not feel judged by me or in competition with me. 

Coaching for me is...

A chance to think about how to live your life. We usually tend to not think about this. Having even 1 hour per week thinking about this can change your life itself. It is not that easy to talk about this with somebody you know. But it is easy to find a coach, and talk with him about this.

My clients' cases

Of course, these are not all of them. Here are only those that I have the right to share without disclosing confidential information

CASE 1. Duration of interaction: 30 sessions

 Salary growth $1200 to $4000 per month (30 sessions, 9 months)

CASE 2. 

Career shift from technical specialist to manager (leading a team).

CASE 3. Duration of interaction: 45 sessions

Decide own values, and based on that create a 5 year vision (or plan) in 5 biggest areas of live (45 sessions, 1 year).

Coaching benefits for the client

In my opinion (as a coach and as a person).
1. Time to think about your life. We usually do not have this time in our normal days.
2. Chance to speak up you mind. Just speak.
3. Hear different angle of view on your sittuation.
4. Believe in yourself. When you speak equal to somebody, everything seems possible, you feel creative. There is usually no place in our normal days for equal conversations.
5. Decide your next actions by yourself. And check next week if you actually acted as decided? Because usually we think ""eureka! "" (""bingo!"") but do not act. 

My experience in coaching

I sell what I use
Check hypothesis in a new area (startup). Made 10 experiments, continued with the best performing experiment.

A quote to live by

What's important for me to keep in mind
Sitcom "Office". Mike, main character, tells his child dream - to have 100 childrens, so they well be not able to not be a friend with him and so he will finaly has friends. This shows me that we all want to be loved and to love.