Svitlana Shkil

"I am open, honest and always on the side of my client. I love humor and lightness, friendly and attentive. I believe in my client and his/her potential, so together with me it’s easier to explore where one might not be able to do it, or consider it difficult, or not clear, as if the time has not yet come, that something is still missing or just scary. At the same time, you may find me as a coach, who calmly asks uncomfortable questions with sincere curiosity, like a partner, with some challenge, but without judgments, biases and prejudices. Everything is OK with both you and me. I guarantee the confidentiality and coaching support that gives my clients the opportunity to trust the space and themselves, look into the exploration of their request for sessions from different angles, systematically, including the focus of studying the situation from different roles in it, areas of influence and responsibility, risks, barriers, restrictions, hidden opportunities with which the client encounters or may encounter and use or warn independently in life and business, realizing their goal or project. Working in coaching through an individual systematic approach gives the client the opportunity to see not only the request / task / goal, but also him/herself, his/her personality and values along with the task / goal / result in life and business, and work on his/her requests and tasks not only while working with me in coaching, but also after the end of the coaching interaction. My clients witness the comfort and consistency in coaching, changes in life and the effectiveness of our general partnership.

The coach works according to the international standards of the world's largest coaching federation ICF - without techniques and tools of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). [Verified by CoachingUP]
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My main values are

My values are freedom, the principle of "okay" for you and the whole world, partnership and humanism, which guide me in my work and personal life. I believe that a person deserves respect by birthright. It is an ideal system of balances that we learn throughout our lives - to be in peace and harmony with ourselves, others and the world.

Coaching for me is...

In general, coaching is a process focused on accompanying and supporting a person (client) by the coach in the format of a coaching dialogue between the client and the coach, where the client is asked by the coach from the client's context, tasks and goals. The coach follows the principles that the client is an adult, his/her goal is from the real world of the client, he can use the resources, skills and abilities that he gets best and most productively to achieve his goal, that the client is prepared to work for his goal after and/or between the sessions. In the course of interactions with a coach, the client’s potential, skills and abilities are being revealed. The systemic coaching work provides for transformations at the level of thinking and mindset required for a person’s self-realization, solving his problems and implementing plans and projects in life and business.

You choose one of three possible subscription packages and have the opportunity to have one coaching session with each coach in the subscription package
You book a day and time to work with a coach, with the possibility to book time slots for 3 days in advance with several coaches at once

You receive a link to the Google Meet video conferencing service by e-mail, which you use to go to the selected time and take a coaching session

Coaching benefits for the client

In my opinion (as a coach and as a person).
Here are some of the benefits a client obtains from coaching partnership with a coach:
1) system support (the coach always believes in the client and his/her potential, maintains confidentiality, works for the goals of the client in the session, creates a supporting environment where the client may allow and remains him/herself),
2) understanding of their true goals and values ​​(the coach always explores what the client needs this goal for and how this goal correlates with the client’s life values, and when the client in the session suddenly finds that the goal is far-fetched or no longer relevant, he/she does not waste his/her time and resources in his/her life),
3) focusing to the future (solving problems, goals, situations are in the coordinates of the future, even if there are 60 minutes of a coach session between the client’s request and its solution)
4) individual motivation system (the client finds his own eco-friendly methods for solving crisis situations and overcoming internal barriers, transforms his/her failures into experience, learns how to create his/her own support and motivation system)
5) authorship of one's life (solutions to requests and movement towards one's personal and business goals are unique, like copyrights)

My experience in coaching

I sell what I use
Easy and successful transition/promotion from senior manager position to director

An individual plan for the development of leadership competencies with subsequent support of the CEO of a partner company as a mentor

Financial goals and “financial airbag”

A quote to live by

What's important for me to keep in mind
The quote from the movie, Interstate 60, I like the most and it is the following. “It began as a wish, became an adventure, and ended as the ultimate road trip”. For me, this movie is about trusting yourself and your dreams, about responsibility for taking decisions, about the fact that you may and rule your life and your business. As a coach, I can only observe and witness your transformation at some point in your journey towards your goals in life and business. There will always be those who say that you will not succeed. Don't listen to anyone if you really want to achieve something. “They say it won't work because they couldn't do it themselves”. This is another quote from another movie, The Pursuit of Happiness, which is about the same thing - about trusting yourself, having the courage to move along your Interstate 60.

My clients' cases

Of course, these are not all of them. Here are only those that I have the right to share without disclosing confidential information

CASE 1. Duration of interaction: 12 sessions

The client with 15 years of entrepreneur experience, runs his business, CRM and has been invested a lot in creating his brand and online educational course for authoring methods of work. Along with this, as a part of developing an own brand, a new role of the client appeared to a tutor/trainer, which the client decided to support and develop in partnership with a larger brand company working in the client's business niche. The client did not notice how he lost motivation and drove himself into bondage of obligations. The client's own business began to sag. Relationships in the family deteriorated. Additionally there is a need to restore motivation and emotional state.

 Long-term contract for 12 sessions, the client extended the contract for another 6 sessions.

  The client restored his emotional state and resources. For a quick recovery, the client turned on work through the body and keeping his diary of emotions, went out of a long-term partnership in an environmentally friendly way without debt for obligations and conflicts, contra versa with maintaining good relations and his image. He worked out his desired partnership terms and signed a contract on higher and better terms than he expected with another leading brand, managed to agree on the creation of a brand product with authorship and the presence of the client's name on the product. The client conducted an audit and reorganization of his business that allowed him to change the state of “I must or should” back to the state of “I want and wish”. The client's financial goal was achieved while the client was still in coaching.

CASE 2. Duration of interaction: 12 sessions

The youngest manager in the team of stores directors requests to develop the skills and competencies of an executive level manager, leadership and communications inside of the ambitious leaders team. The work in coaching began against the backdrop of the client’s endless list of tasks and routines, and a lack of understanding of how to build a funnel of operations, due to the fact of a new store’s opening and the client’s need to manage it as well, what and how to effectively and safely delegate while maintaining the ability to track the progress towards the sales plans and goals, establishing the communications with new staff, introducing corporate culture and strategies of accepted interaction to the latter and the promotion of new ideas in general. The client faced the conflict with more experienced members of the managerial team.

Long-term contract for 12 sessions

  The client found reasons for distrust that stopped him from delegating, patterns of his actions and reactions leading to unexpectedly opposite results in communications. The client realized that what he worked so hard for or rather created the picture of endless work with unnecessary actions can be achieved easier and more environmentally friendly to himself and to his subordinates. The client developed and started to implement his own plan for the individual development of the leader. He designed and submitted a new idea proposal to the Board of Directors and investors, with the support of more experienced colleagues. He significantly improved relationships in the team and made an important decision in his personal life.

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It will help you to make a more conscious approach to decision-making, as well as help you understand how to get the most out of the project and how to book time for meetings with coaches.

Андрей Некрасов, основатель CoachingUP

Андрей Некрасов, 
Master Certified Coach (MCC) ICF, основатель


Андрей Некрасов, основатель CoachingUP

Андрей Некрасов, 
Master Certified Coach (MCC) ICF, основатель

Андрей Некрасов, основатель CoachingUP

Options for working with a coach

You can choose the most suitable option for you to interact with our coaches

Subscription with the opportunity to receive 1 session from a large number of coaches

  [Understand what you want]   - to work through requests in most areas of your life, to formulate an understanding of what you want, to get insights. You will be able to see a shorter path to what you need by receiving coaching sessions from different coaches working in different styles.
  [How to determine if coaching is right for you]   Not everyone is ready to change something in their life and in themselves, to be honest with themselves and to act on their way to what they want. This is absolutely okay, because everyone has their own path.
When you like it and realize that with a coach you can live a conscious life, becoming a happier person, you can   [choose your coach]  , to work with by purchasing a package of coaching sessions.
In a pop-up window, you will see the terms of the subscription, i.e. the current number of coaches in the package and the number of coaching sessions in the program, as well as the number of days of the subscription and its cost.
Thank you for purchasing a subscription! Now you can move on to choosing a day and time to work with a coach.

A package of 12 sessions with one coach and an opportunity to move forward in 100 days

We all understand that "knowing" and "doing" are different things. Coaching interaction helps the client   [move faster]  towards internal and external positive changes, not just to understand what they want, get insight and find a shorter way.
At the first session,   [you will be able to formulate your goal for 100 days and understand what will motivate you and bring you closer to a greater life goal - what you want from life. You will understand the possible way to achieve this goal.
By meeting with a coach online systematically once a week on a set day and time, you   [will be able to move towards your goal step by step, finding new ways and gaining insights, while unleashing your potential.
The current cost of a 12-session package with this coach will be available after clicking "Buy a 12-session package". Thank you for your interest!

All the coaches are certified

Every coach is audited. Only the best ones are included in the catalog, who have been trained in coaching according to international standards by us - the largest coaching university in Europe CoachingUP - for more than 8 months

The client is protected

If something goes wrong, we take all possible measures to ensure that the client is satisfied and receives high-quality service. We will not leave you alone with the coach and the difficult situation

International standards

There are a lot of people in the world who call themselves coaches, who have not even been trained. There are few coaches who provide quality coaching services according to international standards and without NLP. We select real ones.

We are frequently asked

We have collected the questions we receive most often about the service. We hope you will find it helpful!

What if I pay for one of the subscription packages but don't use it?

Unfortunately, the money paid for the subscription is not refundable. We warn you about this at every stage of the subscription process. That's why we ask you to carefully read all the terms and conditions of interaction with a coach to make sure that there are no factors on your part that hinder coaching interaction.

What if, after paying for the subscription and going through a few sessions, I realize that I need a psychologist and I shouldn't continue working with a coach?

Our subscription service is aimed at making sure that clients try coaching interaction. This may help you understand the need to work with a psychologist.

What if I buy a package of 12 sessions, but after 5 meetings I realize that I have achieved my goal?

That's great! You can formulate a new goal for the remaining period of work with the coach, or buy a new package with this coach, setting a goal for the entire period of interaction.

The second option is that we will refund your money for the sessions you did not receive. Refunds are made within 10 days minus 8% (covering taxes and bank charges). 

What if I buy a package of 12 sessions, but during the interaction it turns out that I don't like the coach?

We recommend that you use the Subscriptions service before choosing a coach for long-term work, even before purchasing a package.

If you don't like the coach after purchasing the package, you can choose another coach of a similar level and continue working with him/her, while payment for the sessions with the coach is not refunded.