Olena Romanyshyna-Sprinsian

I am a light and fearless coach.
I help to break down any complex or difficult task into several simple and easy steps. And then the achievement of the goal turns out to be simple, easy and joyful.
The coach works according to the international standards of the world's largest coaching federation ICF - without techniques and tools of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). [Verified by CoachingUP]
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My main values are

My values are freedom, the principle of "okay" for you and the whole world, partnership and humanism, which guide me in my work and personal life. I believe that a person deserves respect by birthright. It is an ideal system of balances that we learn throughout our lives - to be in peace and harmony with ourselves, others and the world.

Coaching for me is...

Coaching is the special way of consulting for achieving the goals. And development of step by step plan for reaching these achievements. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Coaching is the art of these single steps. For me coaching is about support and belief into power and potential of each person.

My clients' cases

Of course, these are not all of them. Here are only those that I have the right to share without disclosing confidential information

CASE 1. Duration of interaction: 18 sessions

Before: Manager, 2 people subordinates.
After: PM, 30 subordinates
We worked with self-confidence, working out fears, the ability to express ourselves, team management (setting tasks, control), exit from the operating system, delegation of authority, planning, strategic thinking, conflict management in a team, personal development.

CASE 2. Duration of interaction: 20-30 sessions

Before: a monthly loan of 10-15 thousand hrn
After: Airbag in the amount of 10 thousand dollars for 8 months
For 10 months, 2-3 sessions per month
Worked with the strategy of financial behavior (savings), fear of being of running out of money, work with emotional purchases, planning expenses, ways to increase income, creating additional sources of income

CASE 3. Duration of interaction: 8 sessions

Before: Never performed in public
After: participation in the live broadcast on the radio
Worked with self-confidence, fear of public speaking, training in front of the air, speech structure

Coaching benefits for the client

In my opinion (as a coach and as a person).
A shift from the "dead point" - there are started and unfinished projects or projects that have not been started, but which need to be done. And which take a lot of energy. Thanks to coaching, they can be moved / started and completed. Or decide to close the project altogether. And, accordingly, either direct the energy in the right direction or stop wasting it.

Working through fears - behind any fear there is a lot of energy. The more fear, the more energy. This can cause emotional burnout, a state of giving up, moral and physical exhaustion, depression, etc. Working through fear, clients release energy and direct it to achieving goals.

Faith and support from an outsider - the coach believes in each client. This gives strength to take the first action. After actions come results that give confidence in yourself. And we rely on these results for further actions. Everything is in a circle and in a spiral upwards.

Self-confidence - a confident person becomes calmer and bolder. In his life, there are fewer obstacles and more opportunities. Plus, a confident person knows exactly what he wants. When you know what you want and believe that it can be achieved - this is already 50% success.

Transformation of consciousness - a change in thinking habits, the ability to manage one's state, new ways and methods of solving complex problems, courage, the ability to look wider, learn more about yourself, discover a new resource and potential, believe that there is a way out of any situation

My experience in coaching

I sell what I use
Self-confidence, transition to freelancing, signing a long-term contract with a large company, working out fears, managing personal finances, increasing the check for training from $30 to $100. per hour, start in holding webinars

A quote to live by

What's important for me to keep in mind
«Nothing is impossible if there is a one who believe in you». Osho said. This is a phrase about coaching and the role of the coach. Very often clients say "thank you" for this faith. The same is true in life: children, husband or wife, friends, colleagues, employees, subordinates, team, etc. We become more than we are when there are people who believe in us.