Subscription coaching with international coaches

Discover what you want in any area of life or business and from life in general. Strengthen your inner support and belief in yourself, get inspired to take action no matter what, and get much more... :))



You will be able to work through many of your goals and requests, and have the opportunity to interact with many coaches to review the request from different perspectives

Coaching sessions

You have the opportunity to take 14 individual sessions online with different coaches. You can also buy a package of 12 sessions with one coach

$ for now

There is a unique price with an 80% discount. In addition, we strive to make coaching more affordable by offering several packages with different levels of coaches

Андрей Некрасов, основатель

What can you get?

A coach does not give advice and does not guide :)) Here are examples of queries, but this is not all you can work on. Only you can decide what to work with in each particular session :)) You can work on one query in several sessions.


You will formulate or specify your major life goal

The world is changing too fast, and there is no stability for a long time. Therefore, we often do not fully understand where we are going, what we really want. Sometimes we discover new values and then abandon our previous goals rather than revise them, or continue to strive for something that is essentially no longer important to us.


You will improve your inner strength and confidence and find resources

Some of us just survive, spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, not seeing prospects and opportunities to change the situation or life in general. Others argue that it's not the right time or the right situation, delaying what's really important until later. And some people strengthen their faith and support, discover their inner resources, and move towards what they want with great pleasure.


You will identify inspiring and desirable changes in many life areas

Daily challenges and tasks, as well as constant changes, do not always allow us to pause and think about what exactly we want. Both from life in general and from each specific area of it. What do we want from our business, career, finances, personal relationships, the space we live in, and our relationships with our parents and children? When was the last time you managed to think about your desires? With us, you will not only think about, but also work out your desires!